The project #BEINGTRANS provides an insight into the lives of the people and how they deal with the cuts in their everyday life and their effects. It is a collection of inspiring everyday stories, positive as well as negative experiences, personal thoughts and individual insights on the topic “Trans*”. They do not claim to be universally valid, each life story is different and reflects the view of the respective person at the time of the encounter.

The collection can continue to grow, change or be supplemented. Own stories, opinions and critiques can be submitted and published if necessary. Through the reaction and participation of the Internet community in the discourse, further contributions and ideas can arise as to how the website and collection will develop in the future.

types of participation

There are different ways and methods to participate in the further development of the project and the collection:

Join the project:

In the first step, twelve people told their life stories and provided insights into their everyday life, thus making the photo book possible. We too can meet each other.

Document your own story:

Do you want to tell your story and thus contribute another perspective to the project? Pure text contributions are welcome as well as submissions with pictures.

Write a guest contribution:

Do you find one aspect particularly important that has been neglected so far? You are professionally involved in the topic and would like to contribute your expertise to the project? Both scientific and personal contributions are possible.

External feedback and criticism:

If you find bugs, see issues misrepresented and/or want to share your own ideas for further development, until you are welcome.

Use the comment function:

The comment function is enabled for blog posts, unless otherwise requested. Comments must be enabled.

Leave a heart:

Sometimes it’s enough just to show you were there.

How you can participate

Send your content via e-mail to, use the contact form or the comment function.

General note

Hate speech is not desired and will not be tolerated. All contributions are therefore subject to moderation and therefore no direct publication is possible. There is no right to publication.

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