Based on the photobook “Ms Norbert und Mr Mandy”, which was developed as part of the photographer Lennart Gruensel‘s bachelor thesis between 2017 and 2018, the website continues the idea and intention of the book: An open encounter with people at eye level.

People who do not conform to the supposed social norm have always struggled with restrictions on their rights, with discrimination, exclusion, physical and psychological violence and their effects. Trans* people are not spared from this as well, but experience it every day all over the world.

The #BEINGTRANS project provides an insight into people’s lives and how they deal with the limitations and their effects. It is a collection of inspiring everyday stories, positive and negative experiences, personal thoughts and individual insights on the topic of “Trans*”. They do not claim to be universally valid, each life story is different and reflects the perspective of the respective person at the time of the encounter.

The collection can continue to grow, change or be supplemented. Own stories, opinions and reviews can be submitted and published if necessary. The reaction and participation of the Internet community in the discourse can lead to further contributions and ideas on how the website and collection can be developed in the future.

More information:
Article about the launch of the website